QOS is a private limited company incorporated in April 2006 and fully 100% Bruneian Bumiputra owned, with the mission to provide products and services to the oil and gas industry in Brunei and the South East Asian region.

QOS was established in 2006 to spearhead itself into the oil and gas industry. Our vision is to be the leading local Bumiputera Company providing various value-added services to the oil and gas industry in Brunei and throughout the region.


QOS offers the full range of personnel skilled in Inspection, Testing, Safety Monitoring, Statutory Equipment Inspection and Project Quality Assurance so that the management of quality and safety can be integrated into a single management framework.

Maintenance Quality Management

Ongoing quality control is an integral part of any maintenance programme, and our experience with innovative techniques allow you to review your maintenance programme and schedules based on the results and analysis of up-to-date technologies,potentially reducing downtime and costs

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